How to Get a Fancy New Google Earth View each time you open a new tab in Chrome

I have always been amazed by how large and diverse our planet is. Considering we are all stuck at home since the beginning of the pandemic, feels good to get glimpse of some new places on earth within the browser itself without having to waste time.

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How to make sure your Google Apps G suite Email does not land in Gmail Spam Folder but in the Inbox

Ever faced the situation when that important email you sent someone has landed in their spam folder and they never bothered to check it ? Read on.

I was recently facing this really frustrating issue where emails from one of my domains which were using Google Apps or G Suite were being marked as spam. It was weird because it started happening suddenly and that website and IP were not blacklisted and everything seemed very hard to trace. Even emails i forward from that mail id to my personal gmail were landing in spam. I contacted Google Apps support to get some help and they did give me some very good recommendations. Interestingly the mails from this domain were landing in inbox on Hotmail, iCloud or Yahoo but Gmail alone was marking them as spam. Continue reading How to make sure your Google Apps G suite Email does not land in Gmail Spam Folder but in the Inbox

My Top Travel Destinations of 2017

Traveled a lot in 2017 for mainly work and managed to travel for fun too.  Kicked off 2017 with a trip to Las Vegas for attending CES 2017 and my last trip of the year was a trip to Maui, Hawaii almost in the other side of the world. Here is a list of my top travel destinations for 2017. Hope to travel more in 2018

Las Vegas

CES 2017 was so much fun and tiring. Managed to spend some time in California post CES.

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Back to Blogging after a long hiatus

Wow , it has been such a long time since I stopped writing here. After getting busy with work and life , I never got time to maintain this site and it got defaced a couple of times beyond repair thanks to the WordPress vulnerabilities. Things have changed drastically over the past 10 years. This site is now hosted at Amazon AWS’s Mumbai data center, something which was next to impossible unless you had big bucks back then. I would be writing a lot about programming, general issues, travel and startups. Feel free to drop a note or comment.

forget spambots, how to deal with human spam ?

i was offered a chance to run a contest on one of my blogs

it was a 5 day deal and the winners were picked in a fair manner based on a bunch of factors.

now one dude keeps manually commenting again and again claiming he should have been the winner although he was not. i made the mistake of approving his first comment or may be hes spammed b4 .. wordpress was fked up and letting his comments thru even though i had spam karma running and had moderation enabled. this was just the beginning .. this dude has been on a spamming spree under diffwrent email ids and IP addrs so cant block him easily .. i took down all of his comments after users requested me ..

the silence lasted for a couple of hrs and our man is back spamming..
has anyone dealth with such a situation on ur blog/site ?
any ways to take action against him ?

Twitter readying Real Time Google-like Search , Contextual Ads?

Twitter is working on a Real time search engine and this might be change the face of twitter

Zdnet broke a story about the same

Santosh Jayaram who was VP , Search Quality , Google is now VP of Operations at Twitter .

SEO will have a new term – after Google Optimization and Yahoo, get read for Twitter Optimization

Soon Twitter will crawl tweeted urls and index the content.

This will be used to display results inside twitter.

Spammers who post crap links as tweets will die a slow death if this feature goes live

Also useless retweets will now go down the drain.

Off late twitter has been information overload to me after RSS overload.

IM really excited to see this decision by twitter in organizing the data better.

Also , when you have such data , Contextual ads will do really well. Twitter is not going to keep making losses for long

Imagine a user searching for mobile phones is reading a tweet pointing to

Advertisers who usually advertise on the site will love to target the potential user base of fonearena.

It gives them more ROI than advertising on a tweet pointing to say my personal blog

only time will tell whats going to happen

Why Mac and Linux is such a Beautiful combination

I love my macbook although its a bit slow and has a small screen ..

its so cool coz its light on my back when i carry it around .. not 4+ kilos like my old HP Pavillion

Battery lasts for 4-5 hrs .. Brightness of the screen has a direct impact on battery life .

I have converted it into a desktop by connecting a apple wired keyboard and logitech wireless mouse ..

the best par is the 24 inch dell monitor ..

For all of you who want a mac desktop which can be carried around easily , this is a good solution ..

macmini is cool and cheaper but its useless without a display.

There is often a misconception that Mac is just about usability and Graphics but the command line in mac is very similar to linux ..

I just love it

you can work on any linux web server over SSH ..

Putty sux big time compared to the mac commandline

Lesson Learnt – Never ever change change files on a live site without testing

Recently I was playing with the linux command line .. I was testing out a script which i was interested in..

i ran a wget command and download the file to the server and then extracted it using unzip

But the worst part is that the after the extraction i ran a mv command to move the files to root directory

And the command replaced the sites’ index.php .htaccess and robots.txt

I did not bother for a couple of days until I figure out that the site is not working as the main index file is broken and also google and other search engines started deindexing the site as the urls were broken and worst part is that robots.txt had a Dissallow * line

Its a Very painful mistake both for me and the site ..

So the lesson learnt is that Never try out new things / change files on a live site without prior testing even if ur confident enough ..

Such mistakes can cause irreversible damage to the site and might take days / month to discover ( glad i found in 2 days )

IM not surprised of the incident when Google recently flagged the whole web as Malware.

So having a Local , Dev or Staging environment .. even on same godamn server or machine would make a HUGE difference in such calamities

Daily backups were disabled for this site as its small one .. and the weekly backup was taking ages to extract

Only the host Servint saved us from this disaster .. they restored the files needed from a recent backup and we were back on track.

We had about 10hrs of downtime due to this negligence .. Unforgivable !