Why Mac and Linux is such a Beautiful combination

I love my macbook although its a bit slow and has a small screen ..

its so cool coz its light on my back when i carry it around .. not 4+ kilos like my old HP Pavillion

Battery lasts for 4-5 hrs .. Brightness of the screen has a direct impact on battery life .

I have converted it into a desktop by connecting a apple wired keyboard and logitech wireless mouse ..

the best par is the 24 inch dell monitor ..

For all of you who want a mac desktop which can be carried around easily , this is a good solution ..

macmini is cool and cheaper but its useless without a display.

There is often a misconception that Mac is just about usability and Graphics but the command line in mac is very similar to linux ..

I just love it

you can work on any linux web server over SSH ..

Putty sux big time compared to the mac commandline

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