SEO in 2007

How are Search engines going to work in 2007 ?

Things might not change much , but just get the basics right.

  • Quality of links matters ,not quantity – this has been there since the beginning but from now on more importance will be given to quality of links
  • Avoid 302 Redirects completely – Matt Cutts had pointed out that this can get your site / page of the listings if you use 302s
  • Be careful about link exchanges
  • Refrain from link spam
  • Get links from relevant sites
  • Focus more on semantic content,usability – let the javascript menus die. AJAX enabled websites might suffer on this front as they are heavy on javascript.
  • Session IDs are a strict no, get rid of them (Why use sessions on public pages ? )

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Mobility at its Max

I was off for a short trip near hyderabad during the weekend.Had to travel some 300kms from Hyd to Mantralaya. The only connectivity I had was my Nokia 6630 with Airtel Mobile office. I was able to check mails using the Gmail Mobile App and could also read my favorite blogs using an rss reader.

Opera Mini is also a must-have killer app. The speeds were dead slow but atleast transfers were happening.

Hope the networks are faster !!