Twitter readying Real Time Google-like Search , Contextual Ads?

Twitter is working on a Real time search engine and this might be change the face of twitter

Zdnet broke a story about the same

Santosh Jayaram who was VP , Search Quality , Google is now VP of Operations at Twitter .

SEO will have a new term – after Google Optimization and Yahoo, get ready for Twitter Optimization

Soon Twitter will crawl tweeted URLs and index the content.

This will be used to display results inside twitter.

Off late Twitter has been a source information overload for me personally after RSS overload.

Though, I’m really excited to see this decision by Twitter in organizing the data better.

Also , when you have such data , Contextual ads will do really well. Twitter is not going to keep making losses for long

Imagine a user searching for mobile phones is reading a tweet pointing to

Advertisers who usually advertise on the site will love to target the potential user base of FoneArena.

It gives them more ROI than advertising on a tweet pointing to say my personal blog

Only time will tell what’s going to happen