Hardware prices are crashing like hell

The drop in hardware prices is something really strange but welcome. Today I picked up a 2GB pen drive for 600 rupees which is almost 30 paise per MB.

No wonder no one uses CDs these days.

I recollect that the last time I bought a pen drive was in end of 2006 and the price I paid for a 1GB drive was about 1100 rupees.

Now I got double the space for half the price. The funniest part is whether the folks selling such stuff are making any profit?

Pay 467 rupees to withdraw 400 SBI, ICICI sucks

I never withdraw cash in non-ICICI ATMs. But the other day when I had to buy some medicines , the shopkeeper did not accept a debit card. So I went to the nearby SBI ATM. I withdrew 400 rupees but my ICICI bank ac has 467 rupees missing.

ICICI tells me that they charge a small fee to withdraw cash from other ATM.

67 bucks for 400 bucks is day light robbery. what do u think ?