AJAX for mobile devices in india – any good ? data services a big mess.

After reading a few articles about AJAX for mobile phones , i was tempted to find the ground level situation in india.

Nowadays most mobile phones are Data capable.

Smartphones are being accecpted by public at a very rapid rate here. Nokia 6600 ,3230 and 6630 are the biggest hits in India. (forgive me mobile makers other than nokia – u ppl dont make affordable smart phones or don’t market them properly 😛 )

Javascript support in phones browsers are also good in these phones.

Thats not a big problem. Opera mobile browser is awesome . They have even launched a SDK for ajax mobile development here

But a big question – Are data services good enough to handle AJAX mobile services like flickr for example ?

Can the network latency or deficiency be handled/ tackled ?

These questions seem unanswered.

Dlink wifi router

WI FI !! Thats the way i say to Hi to my readers .. my home is now a wifi enabled zone.. thanks to the awesome dlink router DI 524 … My friend Deep had got this router sometime back and now i am using the same wifi router..

I had a weird problem regarding FTP behind the router. I was not able to upload files and even if i uploaded , the files were 0kb .. But you know what ?? This problem was solved at 11pm in the night with support from a dlink call centre executive..

Dlink rockz… Take it from me .. No other company gives such good support in India..