Kama Sutra Worm Hits India Hardest

The worm set to overwrite important Microsoft and Adobe documents come Friday has struck India five times harder than the U.S., and Peru three times harder, a security company claimed.According to Chicago-based LURHQ, the worm — dubbed Kama Sutra, Blackworm, Blackmal, MyWife, Nyxem, and nearly two dozen other names — India has the infamous honor of topping the list, with nearly 80,000 infected PCs. Peru, which came in second, sports almost 55,000 compromised computers.In comparison, the United States has about 15,000 machines contaminated with the worm.

“Viruses don’t always spread uniformly,” LURHQ said in its report. “There are many factors at play which are hard to quantitize, such as the initial seeding, social engineering, AV deployment, and random chance. And, as with all statistics, take [these] with a grain of salt.”

LURHQ tagged the total number of Blackworm-infected computers at around 300,000 — a number bandied about last week — even though a Web-based infection counter claims a number in the millions. LURHQ, however, was able to strip out bogus “clicks” on that counter to arrive at is estimate.

“An attempt was made by an unknown party to artificially inflate the counter using a set of 279 distributed (presumably compromised) computers,” said LURHQ.

The report can be viewed here.


Microsoft confirmed possible appearance of the iPod competitor under its brand

Microsoft is considering the opportunity to create its own portable player, which could compete with the popular Apple iPod player. I�d remind you that iPod occupies the lion�s share of the market, to which the players with Microsoft software are aimed.

According to the spokesman of Microsoft there is no official solution on this matter so far. However he confirmed that the company is considering the idea to produce the player along with many other projects as the part of reorganizing program for 2006.

Screenshot Maker for Symbian OS

Screenshot for Symbian is a FREE program to take screenshot on your Symbian mobile phones (UIQ or Series 60). You can capture screenshot and save it to a file in JPEG, BMP or MBM formats (the Series 60 version supports PNG format too). The screenshot can be sent directly to a PC via bluetooth or infrared or to another mobile phone as MMS. Furthermore, you can customize the shortcut key, file name and delay of capturing.

Screenshot for Symbian OS

Its small proggie from Antony Pranata. He does not charge (Freeware) for it and it takes a good screenshot

W3C Release SMIL 2.1 as Reccommendation

The World Wide Web Consortium announces the publication of Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 2.1) as a W3C Recommendation. Thanks to enhancements in SMIL 2.1, W3C is well on the way to making multimedia presentations on mobile devices a reality.

I think this is keeping in line with further reccommendations that are expected for mobile compliant languages including XHTML2 that will maybe include small device definitions.
Source via [seo forums]

ASP Tutorial part 2

Last time round we stopped with just on printing output with asp.It means that you can print html tags and html content using ASP the same way PHP or JSP does.

Now we will see some commonly used variable declarations and loop constructs in ASP.


People who have worked in Visual Basic will have come accross the Dim keyword. Its the same way variables are declared in ASP.

[code lang=”asp”]
<% dim variablename variablename="value" response.write("value is: " & variablename) %>

As you can see, the Ampersand operator is used for appending.


You can declare and use arrays in the following manner. We will see how to use loops so that you can access the array elements

[code lang=”asp”]
<% Dim array_name(array_size) array_name(1) = "value 1" array_name(2) = "value 2" array_name(3) = "value 3" array_name(4) = "value 4" array_name(5) = "value 5" array_name(6) = "value 6" %>
For Next Loop

This is the general for loop you might have used in some application.

[code lang=”asp”]
Dim variable
for variable=start to end [optional step argument]

The step argument is used to increment the variable in steps less than or more than 1

Do Loops

[code lang=”asp”]
<% Dim variable variable=5 Do response.write("The variable is: "&variable&" ") variable=variable-1 loop until variable=0 %>

IF statements

[code lang=”asp”]

<% if condition is true then true statement else false statement end if %>
Select Case

[code lang=”asp”]

Select Case variable
case 1
response.write(“case 1”)
case 2
response.write(“case 2”)
case 3
response.write(“case 3”)

end select


We will see about Functions and Procedures in the next part.

Views in MySQL 5 – an overview

Views have been introduced MySQL. Lets see how they can be created and used.

Views are nothing but subset of a table in a database.

You may not want all tabular data for a particular purpose. You may want to certain users not to see some part of the tabular data.

Views comes to your rescue in such a situation.

general syntax from MySQL manual

[code lang=”sql”]

VIEW view_name [(column_list)]
AS select_statement


A very good example straight from the manual.

[code lang=”sql”]

mysql> CREATE TABLE t (qty INT, price INT);
mysql> INSERT INTO t VALUES(3, 50);
mysql> CREATE VIEW v AS SELECT qty, price, qty*price AS value FROM t;
mysql> SELECT * FROM v;


| qty  | price | value |
|    3 |    50 |   150 |

ASP Tutorial part 1

I was learning asp and figuring out how to do simple things in the now almost obsolete language.

But i heard the knowledge of asp helps you work in the Microsoft Technologies like ASP.NET etc.

Lets get started rite now.If you have worked on php you will be knowing tags.

Similarly in asp the ASP tags are <% and %>. You need to place your asp code between the same.

[code lang=”asp”]
<% response.write("Hello World!")%>

for working in any server side language, HTML knowledge is must. Its not that difficult to learn html. You can use html within asp response statement.

[code lang=”asp”]

You can use HTML tags to format the text!

Next time we will deal with variables and loops.Happy ASP ing!! .

Simple Easy to use ASP XML/RSS Parser

I would like to share with you people a simple xml to html parser i found when working on a related project.

It contains two files. The xmlParser.asp and xmlStyle.xslt
The xmlParser.asp
[code lang=”asp”]
<% response.ContentType="text/html" dim objXML, objXSL set objXML=server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument") set objXSL=server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument") objXML.async=False objXSL.async=False objXML.setProperty "ServerHTTPRequest",true objXML.load "http://domain.com/rss_url" objXSL.load Server.MapPath("xmlStyle.xslt") response.write "" response.write objXML.transformNode(objXSL) response.write "" set objXML=nothing set objXSL=nothing %>



[code lang=”css”]

  • _blank

  • [/code]