Windows XP Pro does not allow concurrent connection via Remote Desktop

I was a bit disappointed when I could not connect to my PC via Remote Desktop because there was another local user logged on to my PC.

I landed on Vishnu’s page where there’s some interesting info on how Microsoft has disabled Concurrent connections in SP2 .

I am used to doing on lot of RDCing @ Photon .But sadly the OS we use at work is Windows Server 2003 which allows upto 3 Concurrent connections. (1- console 2 – remote )

Have to see if the workaround works

Job in IITM for Web Service Developer

IITM, along with Texas Instruments is working on a very intuitive platform that will form as the communication hub for people across rural and urban India. It is part of the belief that, the way to cross the digital divide is to grant equal opportunities for all, and the bridge will close by itself.

We are looking for people who have experience in web related technologies, RSS, XML, HTML etc. with programming knowledge in Python, and understands databases.

If you are in chennai and would like to work on this, on a part-time basis, I am open to that option as well, provided that you will be able to allocate a fixed schedule and effort into this project.

We are also open to students who are looking for internships, and for opportunties to gain experience.

We assure you that it is an opportunity to be very creative.

Apply here

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Error: could not find the template function: TinyMCE_advanced_getEditor Template

I was excited about the new WordPress 2.1 release and wanted to update the WordPress installs at some sites.

Ran through the usual WordPress upgrade process but when I logged back into admin area after the upgrade.

I hit write and this funny error message made me investigate what could have gone wrong.

Error: could not find the template function: TinyMCE_advanced_getEditor Template

So next time if you get the same error message after upgrading WordPress Try This

  • Delete and Reupload your wp-includes/js folder
  • IE did not show any error message, so i tried clearing the Firefox Cache and Enabled /Disabled JavaScript in FF2.0

Worked Like Charm!