My Hello World from Android


Android is the latest mobile development platform from Google

I have been trying to get my hands on the SDK since the launch


I managed to do a simple Hello World inside the SDK

There is a lot to learn and explore. But whos got the time ?

The Android Platform looks impressive. For a person who is a novice in the Java side of things – Android was really fast to setup and use.


Download Android SDK

You also need the Eclipse IDE

Bala tried this as soon as the SDK was released

Rajeev Motwani on early days of Google

Quoting Rajeev Motwani who was a mentor to the Larry, Sergey duo @ Stanford

Meanwhile the World Wide Web was coming around at that time and I just got sucked into that. Sergey Brin and Larry Page were running a searchengine out of Stanford. These 21-year-olds would come in and make demands on me – we need more disk space because we are crawling the Web and its getting bigger, we need to buy more disk… I’d give them more  money and they’d go buy more disks.

At some point these guys said, we want to go do a company. Everybody said you must be out of your minds.There are like 37 search engines out there and what are you guys going to do? And how are you going to raise money, how will you build a company, and these two guys said, we’ll just do it and they went off and did it.And there are some big names who supported the company in its early stages. And then they took over the world. And right now, you know,other search engines do not even compare. It is just amazing.

Just felt like sharing something I just read

Interesting Article on Ruby vs PHP

Derek Silvers writes in this post that he quit Rails and switched back to PHP after 2 years on Rails.

I spent two years trying to make Rails do something it wasn’t meant to do, then realized my old abandoned language (PHP, in my case) would do just fine if approached with my new Rails-gained wisdom.

So my question is does Rails give any wisdom ?

I threw away 2 years of Rails code, and opened a new empty Subversion repository.

What ? Are you kidding ?

I know CakePHP is inspired by Ruby but I have not had the time to try out Ruby. Should I try out Ruby to get the Wisdom?

Now here’s the article