Some Reasons why Facebook is Hot

I have been hearing a lot about Facebook these days. It has become really popular amongst the developer community after Facebook launched its API for public use. I was interested to explore FB after Ram @ Photon worked on  a Facebook App project.

I have still not got hands dirty on the Facebook API. Don’t find the time so far. But I managed to browse the site.

Now why is Facebook better then Orkut.

1.Great and Simple UI

The nice shades of blue mixed with other colors make it really pleasing for the user.

2.More Real Users

Facebook comes with an User Verification feature which lets you verify yourself by supplying your phone no. Orkut is full of spammers and idiots these days.

3.Plenty of features

Since Facebook is was initially targeted at the Student and Professional Community its comes with a lot of features. Groups, Events, Photos , Notes

4.Mark Zuckerberg – 23yr Old Founder

Really admire this guy for making a site real big in no time. FB was founded in just Aug 2005.Started the site while still in college ( Some what similar to my story. Actually I started mine in March and still trying to figure out what I want to do with the website).
This guy has redefined the meaning of Social Networking at least in the Business Context.

5. Developer API

In August 2006, It was the first major social network to give access to its API. Its limited to 100,000 requests per day though.

6. Its built on PHP

I am a PHP fan and Facebook is a brilliant example of what you can do with PHP and prove that its nothing inferior to ASP.Net (Orkut)

Bheema Online

Bheema – The Trisha – Vikram starrer is set to hit the screens for Diwali .

I was reading some news online at and saw a flashy promo banner for the film.

Clicking on it took me to the latest site under the Network 18 banner.

You can listen to the Audio tracks of the film on the same site.

Can we call this Desi Online Marketing ? This is the first time I am seeing a Tamil movie being marketed online.

check out this page on buzz18

Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

Got this irritating message when I was working with a simple PHP /MySQL app I was trying out

Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

I just changed the database username for the  application and the error went missing has some thoughts on the same

Suhasi Garodia

I hardly find time to watch tv these days. I was watching Aek Chaabi Hai Pados Mein on Star which is a nice family entertainer. She plays the Female lead in the serial. I have seen her on so many other ads these days. But didn’t know her name. There’s not much I could find about this future Bollywood heroine


  • Professional Bharatanatyam dancer
  • Daughter of Gujarati stage actor Lata Garodia
  • Starred in a DD show Shakti
  • Claim to fame is the Mango Slice Ad
  • Done lots of commercials including Airtel, Surf Excel and Vicks.
  • Spotted in the latest Univercell Ad with Madhavan
  • Flooded with Movie offers from Bollywood and Kollywood.

I’ll try to post some more pictures of her soon.

McLaren gets screwed by FIA for spying on Ferrari

McLaren have been excluded from the 2007 constructors’ championship and fined US$100 million following Thursday’s FIA World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) hearing in Paris. Drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton have not been penalized and are free to continue their fight for the drivers’ title.

More on this news here 

This  means Ferrari are going to win this years Constructor’s title.

I almost forgot about F1 about Schumi retired.

This one is super

No McLaren representative will be allowed on the podium should a McLaren driver win any of the remaining races of the 2007 season.

AJAX.Asp.Net Update Panel does not reduce bandwidth usage

One of the main reasons for using Ajax in any web application is

1.Rich User Experience

2.Reduce bandwidth

But a MSDN article I came across tells us that Update panel control does not reduce bandwidth usage in any manner (contradicting the general opinion about AJAXified web apps)

rendering shockingly easy and “for worse” because its simplicity and ease-of-use come at the cost of efficiency and, ironically, bandwidth.

While UpdatePanel brings AJAX magic to ordinary Web pages, it doesn’t bring the efficiency we normally associate with AJAX. Did you know, for example, that when an UpdatePanel control performs an asynchronous AJAX callback to the server to update its content, the request contains everything a conventional ASP.NET postback contains, including view state? Most developers assume that AJAX eliminates view state. That’s not the case, though, with UpdatePanel’s brand of AJAX.