CSS Lessons from Yahoo UI Library

UI Development is getting cleaner and easier day by day.

I was impressed when I came across Yahoo UI library’s CSS patterns and ideas.

Personally I don’t like the idea of completely adopting any new framework when time is a major concern.

But YUI looked impressive ever since its launch.

Check out the example page of reset CSS

Its so easy to cook up websites rapidly using such frameworks. Just wow.

Taare Zameen Par don’t miss it

Taare Zameen Par
If you have not watched this movie . You are loosing something for sure. Anyone  be it a girl or a guy, son or daughter, father or mother.

You must watch it. It revolves around the life of a 8 year old boy who is Dyslexic. Parents expect a lot out of him and the boy’s elder brother is a topper which makes matters worse. He’s put in a Boarding school where a Teacher changes his life altogether.

This movie made me cry!

Google,Facebook join DataPortability, good news for user privacy

Two of the biggest User information repositories in the web joined Data Portability Workgroup in a attempt to make cross-site information sharing across portals secure and more portable.

OpenID is getting some traction only now.

Imagine being able to access a scrap in your Orkut account from inside or Facebook and forwarding to your friends in a Yahoo group.

Sounds funny ? it might become possible soon. But will it be secure ? I don’t want to loose my accounts or get banned like Robert Scoble

Google Optimizing Flash sites

I had written about this fact on TechQuack Can Search Engines understand flash atleast Google does

Jeff Muendel at news.com has written a nice detailed post about how Search engines like Google read text in Flash sites.

Stephan Spencer had interviewed Top Googler Matt Cutts and its now public that Google is using Adobe’s flash SDK

Now the problem is that Google can understand text and index it. How will they provide matching results?

What’s the context between a zillion flash movies with text?

So better put a lot of relevant text in your Flash movies.

Dell XPS M1330 Notebook

I want to buy a laptop and Dell XPS M1330 seems to be a model which has almost everything I’m looking for.


Core2 Duo 1.66 GHz
160 GB Hard Disk
2GB 667 MHz RAM
8X DVD Writer
13 inch screen

3-4 hours of battery life – up to 6hours on a 9 cell battery

Price is about 55000 rupees, purchasing it on EMI might help.

Worth Buying?

And the weight of this laptop is about 2kilos or less, so should be really easy to carry around.