Chennai Twitter Meet

This event happened on March 23rd at Amethyst Cafe, Off Peters Road

Kiruba named it Tweetup event wiki

I don’t use Twitter a lot but but still Twitter has such a large user base (honestly tempted to use it more) 

It was fun meeting folks using the application

Gosh ! I finally managed to get the pics on Flickr ! check my twitter meet photo set Photos were captured by my Nokia N82, and sadly I’m not even there in a single pic !


Why Aptana looks more better than ever before

I remember writing about Aptana on this blog about 2 years back

But god , they have grown really bigger over the past 2 years and have support and intellisense support for so many JavaScript frameworks like mootools , jQuery, scriptaculous, ext js1.1 (ext js 2.0 plugin unofficial)

The IDE has also improved in terms of speed ..

They also have an iPhone plugin which looks like a iFrame hack.

Must have for any web coder out there.

Download aptana

WordPress 2.5 looks impressive

Matt at and Automattic are doing a great job with WordPress

WordPress 2.5 release candidate is out.

I’m a huge WordPress fan and user and any development in this area brings me a lot of joy. The latest release looks impressive..

A customizable dashboard, multi-file upload, built-in galleries, one-click plugin upgrades, tag management, built-in Gravatars, full text feeds, and faster load times sound interesting? Then WordPress 2.5 might be the release for you. It’s been in the oven for a while, and we’re finally ready to open the doors a bit to give you a taste.

Wow. WP users cant ask for more . Are you trying the RC1 ?