Now you can buy domains from Google

Google is going to join the domain registration bandwagon in a bid to attract more users for its Google Apps for your Domain .

From Google Blog

Well, I’m excited to let you know that we’ve made signing up for Google Apps for Your Domain much easier for those of you that don’t yet have your own domain. We’ve partnered with and eNom, two leading domain registration services, to offer domains for $10 per year. And I like the fact that we’re including private registration to protect your personal information.

For now this is available for .com, .net,.org, .biz, and .info domains only.

10 Things I hate about MySQL

My last post about MySQL was about the 10 things i like about it.

After using Sql Server there are somethings I hate about MySQL.

Support for Views only in version 5+

Support for Stored Procs only in version 5+

Triggers support only in version 5+

Lack of a Complete GUI

Lack of built in XML support

Increased development time

Slow when handling about a million records

Difficult to track changes

Too many storage engines to pick from

No inbuilt backup strategy

10 Things I like about MySQL

I have worked quite a few databases but most frequently land up using MySQL.

I have been working a lot on Sql Server 2005 recently at work.

Some things I love about MySQL are as follows.

High Speed of Operation

If you are talking about high speed database access and operation, there’s no better choice. MySQL became popular mainly due to this. Oracle and SQL server may be enterprise ready and more robust when compared to the database from the land of Dolphins.But I just love the speed of MySQL.

Command line interface

Simple yet powerful command line gives access entire feature set. In times of Server crashes or high traffic, using the command line via SSH is such a great possibility

Cool tools

phpMyAdmin and this database go along so well. MySQL query browser and Administrator are decent tools. Sqlyog is also good enough. There’s a commercial product called Navicat which is quite fabulous.

Keeps Sql really simple

In the land of MySQL, you need not be a SQL guru or know the ANSI SQL 92 standard . You just need to have something people call ” Common Sense ” . Its fairly easy to translate real world requirements into mysql queries. If you have worked in SQL server , I am sure you would know how much of crap sql you need to know for simple operations. MySQL might not be the Enterprise Database but it certainly follows the KISS (Keep it Simple and Stupid) approach.

Really fast to setup

I remember using this the backend for my final year project. Its just so easy to get this one running.Be it the official installer,zip or 3rd party tools like Xampp

Nice variety of storage engines

MyISAM, InnoDB ,Heap ,Merge are some of the storage engines you can use for your database.

Cross Platform

Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris or even on VMware.

Light Hardware Requirements

MySQL is known to eat some amount of RAM, but its works fairly well even on the most simple configurations like a AMD 1.6GHz 256MB RAM Machine. Short learning curve Pretty easy to learn

Huge User Base

This is one of the best points about MySQL. Since its free , so many people use it and so you can easily find free help.

Bayesian networks

I came accross this term somewhere on the web , might be someone’s status message or something. Just felt like finding out what it was all about.

Its something to do with probability and graph theory.Programmed into computers, these Bayesian systems can automatically generate optimal predictions or decisions even when key pieces of information are missing.
Microsoft is said to be using Bayesian systems in its system design.Google is also using a Bayesian Spam filter.

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