Facebook Developer Garage Chennai Edition

After SearchCamp.in, the Facebook Developer Garage is all set to happen in Chennai.

Well its the first Facebook Developer Garage to happen in the city.

TKF or Knowledge Foundation in which organizes all the great events in the city including searchcamp, blogcamp, wikicamp and momo is organizing this workshop along with Social Media


Photon Infotech Private Limited
(Right next to Arvind Theatre)
No. 2/102, Photon Towers,
Old Mahabalipuram Road,
Karapakkam, Chennai – 600096

Venue map
Photon on Google map

Sunday, the 15th March 2009. 2.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Hosted by
The Knowledge Foundation, Social Media Group & Business Blogging

Head over to the event page to register

Blogging from a Train .. life moves fast

IM currently traveling in sub-urban chicago on the metra ..

I have been outside the country for nearly 6 months now ..

life has changed a lot and things are moving really fast ..

and i hardly blog here .. you can find me on twitter varunkrish

i have also been doing a lot of work for fonearena

I have got my hands on the first google android phone the g1

How Twitter killed my blog

I have not been blogging for quite some time now .. blame a hectic work schedule .. cooking and too much partying !

Another reason for me to stop blogging is that IM really tooo lazzzy to login to my blog and write a new post and publish it ..

I prefer twitter these days ..

the past few months have been really exciting for me ..

a lot of travel .. working with new technologies .. ROR , PHP .. worked on a Facebook App and an iPhone app ..

Right now IM using jquery working on a site using OOJS .. and also working on performance tuning for a couple of sites ..

How Google broke the treaty and started the War of Browsers again

I m indeed surprised at this move by google to launch a browser product ..

Google Chrome was released a few hours back for download ..

Google did it first with gtalk, reinvented IM. some people felt it lacked a lot of stuff . but for me gtalk is my primary IM now .. its just simple and clutter free..

Now Google is doing the same thing with Chrome. The main idea behind the product is to simplify Web Browsing and they have done a great job .. the initial version of the product looks impressive ..

I m a Web Developer and I was impressed when I saw that development tools came bundled . Also there’s a fancy task manager which I have not seen in any browser so far.

Migrating from Perforce to Subversion

Change is inevitable

I was using perforce for the past 3 months and now I have to use Subversion at my new project

I have used subversion in the past but i started liking perforce due to its ease of use and simple commands

only pain was having to do a p4 edit on each file before editing it

I stumbled upon this nice article about Perforce to Subversion migration

Althougth the article is mainly about migrating code , it also talks about equivalent commands in perforce and subversion.

I found it really useful

Also theregister had a nice comparison

CVS Subversion TFS and now Perforce

Version Control was not a big thing as long as I was doing freelance development. But once I got into the process of working with a team I released that a Team programming without source control is useless.

I started using CVS with the WinCVS client .. Then moved on to use Sub Version with the TortoiseSVN client..

I spent most of the last 2 years in Microsoft world .. So Team Foundation Server was the system..

Right now IM on Ruby and we are using Perforce which is actually Damn Good !

Ther user interface is damn simple although it might look a bit funny.

Its one the systems used by development teams which work on various platforms ..

I can check in code from my windows box and get latest on my Linux box / server ..

This is really cool !!

Chennai Twitter Meet

This event happened on March 23rd at Amethyst Cafe, Off Peters Road

Kiruba named it Tweetup a

event wiki

I don’t use twitter that much but still Twitter has such a large user base .

It was fun meeting folks using the application

Gosh ! I finally managed to get the pics on Flickr ! check my twitter meet photo set Photos were captured by my Nokia N82 .. and damn IM not even there in a single pic !

Why Aptana looks more better than ever before

I remember writing about Aptana on this blog about 2 years back

But god , they have grown really bigger over the past 2 years and have support and intellisense support for so many javascript frameworks like mootools , jquery, scriptaculous, ext js1.1 (ext js 2.0 plugin unofficial)

The IDE has also improved in terms of speed ..

They also have an iPhone plugin which looks like a iFrame hack..

Must have for any web coder out there..

Download aptana