Nokia E61i lost all contacts

I feel i made a mistake by choosing the Nokia E61i. The so called Enterprise phone does not give 1 damn warning when deleting all contacts when uninstalling the Blackberry connect software. The cost – lost all my contacts and calendar entries on the phone.

Luckily I have an old backup of my 6630 to give me some peace.

The phone does not come pre-installed with blackberry connect. You have to manually initiate the setup. I did it and paid the price for it.

But not 1 warning anywhere. I m afraid Nokia loosing its trustworthiness !

Nokia E61i finally got my new wi-fi phone

Its almost been 2 years with my Nokia 6630, So I decided to go for a upgrade this time.

Nokia E61i is a phone which meets most of my requirements which are as follows

  • slim form factor
  • plenty of connectivity options – Wi-fi,Bluetooth,IR, GPRS , EDGE , 3G ( which is not coming to India anytime soon :( )
  • long lasting battery
  • large screen
  • Symbian OS
  • email and browsing support

Sad points

  • I dont mind the 2Megapixel Camera which is not as Good as the Sony Ericsson phones.
  • Bluetooth is still version 1.2 and lacks stereo support.
  • Audio output in earphones is mono. Lacks a headphone/headset jack.
  • Memory card is not hot swappable.

But on the whole , I am happy to have got this phone . Much better than the 6630 on many lines.After all its only a day old.

Head over to FoneArena for the specs : Nokia E61i

Desktop Blogging with Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a really cool tool from Microsoft that lets you blog from your desktop.I have been very lazy to update my blog for the following reasons

  • I have my blog open inside a browser tab in the middle of many other tabs..when I come across something interesting on some other site, I just don’t feel like updating my blog.
  • I decided to give Desktop blogging a shot

Lets see how it goes.Windows Live Writer looks really a good blogging client.

Getting my first bike

2006010106630201.jpgBooked my first bike Bajaj Discover DTS-i 125 CC – Black with Grey stripes. I have taken my LLR last week and hope to get the Permanent license in say 2 weeks from now. I must have got the license really long back.. Shit… I have wasted 4 years of my B.E without even getting a bike license !! Some things happen only with time πŸ˜€ Link to official site of the bike It costed some 50k odd .. Big money for a bike…Parents bought it for me πŸ˜€ Why not pulsar ? Too heavy for me πŸ™ cant handle it and 150 cc is too much for city driving i feel . So some great biking on new bike ahead.

Me getting a black with grey one.

UPDATE : Got the bike and busy driving it