Getting my first bike

2006010106630201.jpgBooked my first bike Bajaj Discover DTS-i 125 CC – Black with Grey stripes. I have taken my LLR last week and hope to get the Permanent license in say 2 weeks from now. I must have got the license really long back.. Shit… I have wasted 4 years of my B.E without even getting a bike license !! Some things happen only with time 😀 Link to official site of the bike It costed some 50k odd .. Big money for a bike…Parents bought it for me 😀 Why not pulsar ? Too heavy for me 🙁 cant handle it and 150 cc is too much for city driving I feel . So some great biking on new bike ahead.

Me getting a black with grey one.

UPDATE : Got the bike and busy driving it

My Review of Pentium Chronicles

oentiumI got my complimentary copy of The Pentium Chronicles [wiley] [amazon] from my friend Deep at . A great book for guys and girls who want to know more about Intel. The book is truly Intel Inside. It’s even good for a project management tutorial. Head straight to Tech Bulletin to read the review.

Credits to Deep for giving me the chance to review this awesome book.

Views in MySQL 5 – an overview

Views have been introduced MySQL. Lets see how they can be created and used.

Views are nothing but subset of a table in a database.

You may not want all tabular data for a particular purpose. You may want to certain users not to see some part of the tabular data.

Views comes to your rescue in such a situation.

general syntax from MySQL manual

[code lang=”sql”]

VIEW view_name [(column_list)]
AS select_statement


A very good example straight from the manual.

[code lang=”sql”]

mysql> CREATE TABLE t (qty INT, price INT);
mysql> INSERT INTO t VALUES(3, 50);
mysql> CREATE VIEW v AS SELECT qty, price, qty*price AS value FROM t;
mysql> SELECT * FROM v;


| qty  | price | value |
|    3 |    50 |   150 |

Intel Macs May Boot Windows XP After All

While we’ll have to wait till someone actually tries it to get absolute confirmation, news coming from Intel in Australia, reported here by Dan Warne in the Australian Personal Computer magazine, is that the new Intel-based Macs may be able to load and boot Windows XP after all. Several of the early stories after the announcement of the MacBook Pro and the Intel-based iMac assumed that Windows XP would not boot on Intel Macs, since XP doesn’t support EFI (replacing BIOS in the new Macs), and Apple’s statement that they wouldn’t prevent the use of XP on Apple hardware didn’t really give people much assurance either way. This statement from Intel implies that there is really no issue.
via [slashdot]