Rapidshare Account is gone .. Lost 30 Euros wtf ?????

Today I was kind of surprised when i got a mail from RapidShare

Dear RapidShare User, This is to inform you that your RapidShare Account, has been permanently locked. The Reason for this if that you have been downloading illegal \”warez\”. As you may have heard, RapidShare has faced several charges for our stored content. The suspension of your account will help RapidShare keep running. Please do not reply to this email as this email was automatically sent. And please do not send any emails to any of our email addresses. You will not get your RapidShare Account back. If you continue to pursue this subject and still wish to regain your account, you may find yourself facing serious charges. Downloading \”warez\” is illegal. Thank you, RapidShare AG

I have loved using RapidShare for other stuff .. like their remote upload feature…

WTF ?? I hate this .. I later saw on digg that RapidShare is being prosecuted

I want my money back !!!!!!!! or at least my account !

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