Mobile Blogging In India – I m not joking

Mobile Blogging in India is an emerging topic for discussion in India.

Most bloggers would have heard about it . Its also called Moblogging
The number of mobile users in india is so huge. But the percentage of users dedicated

GPRS or internet connectivity is still small compared to the no of mobiles.

This can be attributed to the costs connected to this VAS (Value Added ) services.)

But as on date, service offerings from cellular operators are far more important factors than the cost.

The average guy having an internet enabled mobile phone might not hesitate to shell in a few bucks for net access. (atleast me :D)

The reliability of these VAS services is seriously not as good as the global counterparts.

The latency during the mobile browsing just suck big time, no matter u got gprs , egprs /edge.

So does all this sound great news if you want to use your mobile phone to blog ?

You must be thinking, I m crazy to title the post as Mobile Blogging and then downplay it.
Blogging has become a big addiction among internet users in India. Mobile Blogging can become popular only if the state of the Mobile internet services improve.

So Telecom operators can cash in on mobile bloggin if they are able to cater to the needs of the tech savvy crowd 😀

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