Web Project Management

Managing a Web Project is a challenging task. I’m not talking about the Project Manager’s role alone. Consider every Individual in the process, right from the client to the developer.

The hierarchy below is pretty common for any web based project.

  • Customer
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Lead
  • Senior and Junior Developers

Each person has some amount of responsibility on his shoulders. And it’s not the managers and leads alone who are responsible for running the show on the whole. Even a developer must be capable of doing some Project Management from the developer’s angle like tracking open issues, working based on priority and deadlines.

While the project manager’s role is to track what each team member does, It’s up to each member to be at least aware of what is his current responsibility. It’s better that the technical status of issues is managed by Tech Lead and developers as most often Managers are meant to be tackling issues like scheduling , planning, billing etc.

I will post a few more posts on Web Project Management – a Developer’s View and a Manager’s View and a Customer’s View

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