Stored Procedures in MySQL 5

Stored Procedures at last in version 5 of MySQL.

Often people from the SQL Server world would downplay MySQL saying that it lacks views and stored procedures which have been present in the MS world and the PostgreSQL world for a long time.

With the latest version of 5.0.18 MySQL has made a promising effort to bring these cool features into its feature set. I had blogged about Views in Mysql 5 here earlier.

Now got some time to write about the Stored Procedures feature in MySQL 5

Why Stored Procedures ?

  • Stored procedures reduce the amount of code in your application be its PHP, ASP, JSP or .NET .
  • Its also brings in a lot of security into your application coz most of the logic and decision making are handed over to the database.
  • It also means that the database delivers in any kind of environment.
  • Reduced Network Traffic


Database Journal Article
I will post a part 2 of this article where i will take you through some examples

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