Professional LAMP from Wrox – Cool Book

lamp Professional LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP5 Web Development
by Jason Gerner, Elizabeth Naramore, Morgan Owens, Matt Warden ISBN: 0-7645-9723-X
December 2005
379 pages

Picked this book for about 400 bucks or 10 USD roughly at a local store. Was attracted to the title Professional LAMP.So decided to get this one.

I love to read these tech books. But its so costly and I read it pretty fast withing 1 or 2 days.

Hope someone could finance me for these books ;P

This book is a great compilation of resources on the LAMP platform.

Something on AJAX, PHP , PHP5, MySQL..

Loads of info.. for people would like to know.. This book – i cant call it indepth or

comprehensive,but highly informative.

It touches so many points other books falter to cover.

The book has an interesting addon.

Language Translation

They compare the commonly used syntax of PHP, ASP ,ASP.Net and JSP.

Pretty usefull for web programmers working on diverse applications.

Conclusion :- worth buying, a worthy reference tool, a great book for a beginner.

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