Clocked 100kmph on ECR

I took my bike out this Sunday afternoon for a short drive. I just felt like going for a long drive. It was Sunday afternoon and I could feel the cool air against my face. Was thinking what to do… So went straight to the petrol bunk got the bike ready for the drive and hit ECR.

The roads were virtually empty. I was extra carefull and never went too fast unnecessarily.

On one stretch , I decided to step up the gas and put the bike on full throttle.

It was an awesome feeling . The bike wont go past 101 kmph or atleast I cant control it. I saw some vehicle coming in the opposite direction and I had to stop my adventure to avoid any kind of risk. Slowed down and coasted to Mahabs. Spent some time there and headed back home.

It was so crowded damn the return journey. No different than driving inside the city. I was shocked when I came to a screeching halt after I saw a pile of dust in front ( It was some vehicle flying )

A major accident due to reckless driving. Nearly 3 cars and a van were seen in a bad shape.

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