Sun Tech Days a brief summary.

I had been to Sun Tech Days for 3 days. The event was held in Chennai trade Centre ,N

The conference was held for 3 days on 7th ,8th and 9th of this month.

The 3rd day was a bonus day called “Netbeans” and “Solaris Day”

Netbeans is the IDE from Sun for development and Solaris is their OS powering their Servers like Ultra SPARC.

Sun has also open sourced a version of solaris and called it Open Solaris.

Lets get on with my story.

It was the first time i was attending a conference of this magnitude. The sponsors of the conference were Sun , AMD, Oracle, Forum Nokia, SAP etc…

The event was being managed by Sercon. It was a great job done by them.

The turnout was more than expected.. About 3000 people supposedly.. Most of them – developers in chennai software concerns. A huge bunch of the attendees were Part time developers and students like me .

The food was managed by ITC park sheraton. Long queues but they were handled perfectly.

A decent crowd also no mishaps..

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