Akamai CDN Prices – the Battle Continues

The Content Delivery Network Market is hotter than ever now. The number of websites delivering content to a Global Audience is on the rise.

I came across an interesting post my Om Malik in this context.

Akamai Technologies (AKAM) has lost over $3 billion in market cap in the last one month due to increased costs and reduced prices due to heavy competition. Akamai has a presence in India as well with a lot of Indian websites thronging them for collocation. A long time customer of Akamai in India is rediff.

Just see the ping time for rediff india’s homepage

Reply from bytes=32 time=29ms TTL=62

VSNL ,Bharti, Reliance, Sify have their data-centre businesses but the costs are to high. VSNL has been there for a long time .

I would debate later on the difference between partnering with a CDN vs getting up a dedicated server cluster.

Will be interesting to watch how CDN players / prices perform in the current web2.0 scenario.

Online Video is currently booming and broadband penetration is also rising.

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