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Hi, I am Varun aka Varun Krish and been a web and mobile enthusiast ever since school days when I first got access to my first ever dial up internet connection. Given my passion from communication, I specialized in Electronics and Communication Engineering  from Anna University and ended up doing a lot of things on the side including assembling computers, building websites, running a web hosting and domains business.  Then I ended up working with an amazing bunch of folks at Photon Infotech as a Software Engineer mainly working on web and mobile projects which took me to the heart of Silicon Valley in Mountain View, California (Kosmix) and briefly to Chicago (Encyclopedia Britannica). Thanks to mobile boom in India, FoneArena could no longer be just a hobby and it was when I decided to take the dive into entrepreneurship and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. From hiring my first employees to getting our first office space the love for the FoneArena brand has grown several times over the years. This has enabled be travel across the globe and interact extensively with some of the best technology brands in the world including the likes of Nokia, Apple, Google, Qualcomm, Samsung, Microsoft and several more.

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